Corporate Social Responsibility

 At PK Partnership we define Corporate Social Responsibility as giving back to others less fortunate, linking our heritage, investing in our team and being environmentally conscious.

 Our move towards a digital focused brand that is paperless where possible was a key part of decision to rebrand – celebrating 40 years of business, and looking forward to the next phase of development as a forward thinking advisor.

 Our Chosen Charity

We are contributing to constructing an orphanage to house and school orphaned children in Kabale, Western Uganda.

Kigezi Orphan Children’s Charity (KOCC)

 Kigezi Orphan Children’s Charity (KOCC) was formed in 2014. The orphanage provided shelter for these abandoned children, but the dwelling was sparse and unhygienic. The children regularly battled with infections and disease due to the unsanitary conditions. In 2017, the building’s owner gave the founder of the orphanage an eviction notice.

Polio and Children in Need Charity (PACINC)

Polio and Children in Need Charity (PACINC) then took on the initiative to move these children and house other abandoned kids in a new boarding home. The project involves construction of two dormitories for 84 children, bathroom and toilet facilities, a security fence all around the campus and a school for over 200 children. Staff will be hired to educate and take care of these children.

Currently, Polio and Children in Need Charity has been successful in securing sufficient land in western Uganda for the new site where construction for an orphanage and school has already begun.

Our mission is to help Kigezi Orphans Children’s Charity change the lives of 84 orphans.

We’re sure you will see why we have chosen Kigezi as our charity this year and if you would like to join us on this remarkable and touching project, please let us know.


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