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Owning luxury watches and jewellery is a matter of great pride for sure. Watches and jewellery are both highly collectable, take up little space and incur no Capital Gains Tax.


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Within your ‘home contents sum insured’ there is a valuables limit which is the total amount payable for all your valuables (including jewellery). If this is less than the total cost of your contents, including your valuables, then you risk being underinsured and your cover may not be enough to fully replace your items should you need to claim.

Being underinsured is a common problem for jewellery items that gain value over the years, or can be vulnerable to market fluctuations. Gold, silver, diamonds and wristwatches are key examples.

There is also a limit for ‘any one valuable item’. If you have a valuable item or a piece of jewellery that is worth more than this single item limit you’ll need to specify it on your policy to ensure it’s
covered for the full amount.

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Most insurance companies recommend jewellery is valued every three years as the price of jewellery and gold increases. If your policy was renewed more than a year ago, it’s a good idea to get your jewellery re-valued so you can make sure you’re properly covered.

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