Wealth Management

Protecting your wealth for future generations and mitigating potential tax liabilities requires specialist financial advice from the earliest point.


ISAs are one of the most popular ways to save and invest.


Access to a mixture of funds, which are looked after by professional investment managers.



Alternative investments

Access to investment opportunities in private equity, credit and commercial property real estate.


Design your long-term savings plan which can help you save for retirement in a tax-efficient way.


Investment advice

Plan for things like retirement, protection, estate planning and long term care – choosing the right investments for you.


Our easy to understand bespoke trusts, could save your family thousands of pounds by planning now for the future.


Protecting you and your Family.

Each one is set-up as a family controlled structure to protect your estate from tax and other social impacts, both during your lifetime and for future generations.


Giving you peace of mind.

Using a trust structure will ensure the full value of your estate passes to your chosen beneficiaries, protecting your partner, children, and grandchildren – giving you peace of mind.

All of our trusts are individually written and guaranteed by our specialist legal partners.


Planning and set-up for trust structures


Specialist inheritance tax (IHT) planning

Discounted Gift Trusts

Gift and Loan Trust arrangements

Review of existing IHT mitigation structures

Working alongside our strategic partners, we deliver solutions designed to protect your estate and family and alleviate your inheritance tax liabilities.


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