Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability encompasses several areas of risk associated with the running of any type of business, from the smallest family owned company through to the biggest listed multinational, and

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) - which covers the personal liability of all those involved indecision-making at the business
Employment Practices Liability - protects the company for claims arising from employment disputes, i.e. unfair dismissal, sexual or racial discrimination etc.
Corporate Legal Liability - protects the company for claims made against it in respect of CorporateManslaughter, breach of Data Protection Act, amongst others
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We can provide guidance to help you understand where weaknesses exist in your current arrangements and discuss an insurance policy that better suits your needs, and obtain specialist cover from insurers who are entirely aware of and comfortable with your homes unique features – providing you with peace of mind.

This cover can also be extended to cover Pension Fund Trustees Liability. 

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