Employers Liability Insurance

Employment Liability protects a company for claims arising from employment disputes such as unfair dismissal, sexual or racial discrimination.

Corporate Legal Liability protects a company for claims made against it in respect of Corporate Manslaughter, breach of Data Protection Act, amongst others.

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As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect the health and safety of your employees during working hours. You’re legally required to have employers liability cover in place if you employ one or more people.

Employers liability insurance protects businesses against legal and compensation expenses from employee claims. The insurance industry is seeing a rise in claims against employers and we recommend as a key cover to most businesses.

 Some companies don’t require Employers Liability Insurance, such as businesses that only employ close family members. In these instances, while it isn’t a legal obligation to have Employers’ Liability Insurance, lots of businesses still choose it for the financial security it provides.


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