As you can probably tell by the name we chose for our firm, partnerships are one of the cornerstones of our business and strategy here at PK Partnership.
With this in mind, we not only seek to develop long term, meaningful relationships with our clients, but also with professional partners such as solicitors and accountants who can work alongside us to deliver complementary advice and services.
How do we come to work with other professionals?
Perhaps for both parties the main area to consider is whether or not we share the same core values, to ensure it is coherent with our standards of service and client care. We believe in building long-term relationships underpinned on honesty, integrity and service excellence. Our aim is to create, enhance and protect our clients’ assets at all times.
We want to be absolutely certain that any partnership we enter into will be beneficial for our clients, and likewise the clients of our professional connections. We can offer qualified, fully independent advice covering the below areas for private clients and commercial clients:
  >   Investment Planning
  >   Tax and Trust planning
  >   Business Insurance
  >   Personal Insurance
  >   Financial Life Planning
  >   Inheritance Tax Mitigation
  >   Offshore Tax Structures
  >   Life Assurance/Protection
  >   Critical Illness
  >   Income Protection
  >   Pension/Retirement Planning
  >   Will Planning
  >   Mortgages
  >   Syndicate Investments
  >   Estate Planning
  >   Private Medical Insurance
We firmly believe that the right professional partnerships can benefit everyone. They allow our clients to receive specialist advice for legal or accountancy matters, while we continue to address and support their financial needs. As a result the client receives a rounded, holistic approach to the management of all of their affairs.
If you’re a solicitor or accountant who shares our values and would like to discuss working with the team at PK Partnership, please get in touch.

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