French etymologists may tell you that the word ‘mortgage’ comes from the old French term ‘mort gage’ literally translated as a ‘death pledge’. That doesn’t sound so much like a legal loan agreement, but rather the title of a substandard horror film.
Still, even today the word ‘mortgage’ continues to carry a certain weight and seriousness to it and obtaining a mortgage can be a daunting prospect. Although mortgages are extremely common financial products, this doesn’t mean they’re simple products.
Mortgages can be complex and are a long-term commitment, it’s important to choose one that is right for you and your circumstances. This is where your PK Partnership Financial Adviser can help.
Truly Independent Advice
We are fully independent financial advisers, which means we thoroughly search the whole of the market for you, considering all options to find the right mortgage. So whether this is your first home purchase, you want to trade up or down, or you’re a buy-to-let investor, we can work in partnership with you to reach this goal. We liaise with the providers on your behalf, helping you get through the paperwork and understand the loan agreement, even the awkward small print.
For many, the main consideration when searching for a mortgage is, understandably, to find the cheapest deal and ascertain whether or not they can afford the monthly repayments. However, few people consider the consequences of unexpected illness, disability or death, or how this may affect their ability to repay their mortgage.
According to Aviva, the average age of someone who will need to action their protection policy is 53. Although many of us would like to retire early having paid off our mortgage, for the majority of people this is not the reality, you will need an income to cover this should yours suddenly stop for whatever reason.
Mortgage and Protection
Therefore, while helping you to arrange your mortgage, your financial adviser at PK Partnership can help you to find the right protection policy. When it comes to protection, we operate to the highest guidelines and standards, ensuring we always work in your best interests. Furthermore, each provider on our panel of insurers offers a superior claims service, should you ever need to call on your policy.
To discuss mortgages or protection, please contact us.

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